Armaflex (Anti Microbial)


High Performance with Anti Microbial Product Protection

Class O Armaflex plus is a leading close cell duct insulation with inbuilt Microbial Protection and improved conductivity and water vapour resistance. §It distinguishes itself from traditional elastomeric material through its optimal cell size, uniform cell structure and stronger cellulars walls. Persistent Research & Development has led to this unique combination of technical values of, ë0°C = 0.033 W/m Deg K and Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance Factor µ= 10,000. §The built-in Microban® anti-microbial protection gives an enhanced level protection against harmful microbes . It continuously fights the growth of microbes, thus promoting Indoor Air Quality.

  • Extremely low thermal conductivity ë0°C = 0.033 W/m Deg K,for higher energy saving
  • Enhanced resistance to Water Vapour ingress µ= 10,000 for increased long term efficiency.
  • Made with microban antimicrobial product protection for added defence against mold on the insulation.
  • Extremely fire safe, since it meets Class O as per BS Standards
  • Light weight and flexible enabling with low maintenance, resulting in time and cost saving.
  • Excellent resistance to ozone, oil and chemicals