Armaflex Protect


Armaflex Protect: Flexible fire-stop penetration seal for pipes

Offers Solution for all applications: irrespective of the structural element, pipe material, adjoining insulation. Rainwater pipes can be sealed off quickly and efficiently without condensation. It forms a reliable barrier.

  • for heating, plumbing and refrigeration pipes
  • without distance-restrictions even in F-90 lightweight walls
  • Seals off penetrations for pipes upto 323 mm diameter
  • forms d> 100mm in walls
  • Quick to install
  • Correct installation facilitated
  • Armaflex Protect itself fulfils the requirements-irrespective of the adjoining insulation.
Application Area
Because of its intimescent effect in the event of a fire, the new Armaflex Protect can be used to securely seal off penetrations not only for copper, steel, stainless steel and cast iron pipework but also for combustible supply pipes such as multilayer composite pipes, PE, PE-HD, PP or PVC pipes

  • ceilings,
  • solid walls or lightweight walls,