Fibre free Super silent and Microbe resistant Acoustic Insulation

ArmaSound Super Silence Ductliner with Microban is a flexible, open cell elastomeric nitrile rubber acoustic insulation. It is black in colour and is manufactured in sheet form in various thicknesses. It has microban for inbuilt anti-microbial product protection

  • Reduces Ducts Air Side Noise Substantially: Through its engineered pore geometry, formulation and composition, this material can offer substantially higher acoustic energy absorption. High NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient), High Insertion Loss and High STC (Sound Transmission Class) reduce noise generated by air side equipment and air movement, giving more productive work environment.
  • Active Anti-Microbial Protection 24×7: Microban® anti-microbial protection is built into ArmaSound Super Silence Ductliner during the manufacturing process, giving continuous active protection against microbial growth and provides the basis for a continuous system hygiene.
  • Noise Blocking and Vibration dampening: Reduces rattle and vibration of sheet metal air ducts.
  • Easy Installation: No mastics / bitumen, no perforated sheets and tissue paper required.
  • Longer life: Hydrophobic and non-particulating property gives effective performance for useful lifetime of the product.
Application Area
ArmaSound Supersilence Ductliner is ideal for air handling systems, VAV units, ducts and in general all air side systems. It is specially recommended for areas like commercial buildings, public buildings, hotels, hospitals , schools and clean room applications.

  • Air Handling Systems
  • VAV units, ducts and in general all air side systems.
  • Ideal for internal acoustic duct lining.
  • Where IAQ is of concern with out compromising the acoustic performance