Pet Foam

A ‘green’ plastic? – What sounds like a contradiction in terms is in fact already part of our everyday lives: PET is 100 % recyclable and is fed back into the economic cycle as a high-quality resource. Thanks to innovative technologies, Armacell is able to manufacture foam cores, which are used in transport, wind turbine construction or shipbuilding, from the recyclate of PET bottles.

Cradle-to-cradle principle. Here Armacell adopts the cradle-to-cradle principle. This concept is aimed at avoiding waste by recycling materials in a closed loop and therefore continuously re-using them. However, this recyclability (and thus the conservation of natural resources) is not the only factor which makes ArmaFORM PET AC a ‘green product’. Due to their low weight, PET foams are an ideal material for lightweight construction applications, which guarantee greater energy efficiency and lower energy consumption. Furthermore, ArmaFORM PET foams have high mechanical strength in combination with residual flexibility, excellent fatigue resistance and the ability to withstand high temperatures.

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