Foam insulation and cladding systems for on-the-job safety, equipment padding and protection.

Armaflex elastomeric closed-cell foams and cladding systems are available in multiple configurations to provide protection to workers, equipment, or both.

  • Protective Padding Applications. Armaflex elastomeric foams can be used to create a physical barrier between workers and equipment that might be hot or have sharp edges. It may also protect sensitive equipment from damage in an active workplace.
  • Exterior or Harsh Industrial Insulation Applications. For insulation applications that require additional jacketing, such as exterior insulation applications where UV rays and weather exposure are a problem, Armacell’s ArmaTuff® insulation is designed with a protective laminated cladding already built in. No need to apply a separate protective metal jacket! ArmaTuff’s built-in cladding also increases the overall lifespan of the insulation system in both outdoor applications and harsh or corrosive industrial applications.
  • Separate Cladding Applications. Arma-Chek coverings are a flexible alternative to metallic-cladding systems. Although designed to work as a covering system for Armaflex materials, Arma-Chek is universally applicable and can be installed on site as a protective covering over a variety of other materials.

A non-metallic system with no risk of surface corrosion, Arma-Chek enhances the life expectancy of the equipment it protects, and requires significantly less monitoring and maintenance than metallic cladding systems.

Check our Product Selector Tool and Technical Specification Guide to find products that meet your requirements.

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