Flexible Insulation Systems for Industrial Process Pipework and Tanks at Cryogenic Temperatures

Armaflex Cryogenic Systems are high-performance thermal-insulation systems designed to meet the demands of low-temperature environments. These multi-layered systems provide exceptional thermal performance, reduce the risk of corrosion under insulation, and minimize installation time.

Armaflex Cryogenic Systems are used on pipelines, tanks and equipment in production plants for petrochemicals, industrial gases, and agricultural chemicals. These insulation solutions are also designed for use on import/export pipelines and process areas of LNG facilities. The consistent performance of Armaflex provides significant benefits to facility operators, including improved process control, reduced boil-off and on-going energy savings.

CryogenicsKey benefits of Armaflex Cryogenic Systems:

  • Armaflex Cryogenic Systems are suitable for temperatures as low as -200°C.
  • Inner layers of Armaflex LTD provide optimum mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures, while outer layers of NBR-based Armaflex provide excellent thermal efficiency at the least cost.
  • Armaflex LTD is a purpose-built, low-temperature Diene Terpolymer, providing low-temperature flexibility to minimize thermal stress.
  • The distinctive color of Armaflex LTD facilitates installation and inspection.
  • An integral feature of the Armaflex system is the closed-cell foam technology which offers a high water vapor resistance. This may eliminate or reduce the need for additional vapor barriers.
  • Armaflex Cryogenic Systems do not need traditional open-cell, fibrous in-fill pieces for contraction and expansion joints. The material itself can be fitted under compression to fulfill this function.

Only Armacell offers specific elastomeric solutions to provide Thermal Insulation Systems, Acoustic Insulation Systems, and Thermal-Acoustic Insulation Systems. These systems provide substantial benefits over conventional materials used for industrial and chemical processes at cryogenic temperatures.

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