Armacell offers the original closed-cell foam insulation systems for plumbing — commercial and residential

Since 1953 AP Armaflex® has been THE preferred flexible elastomeric insulation for commercial plumbing pipes.

The low thermal conductivity of Armaflex pipe insulation makes it an efficient thermal barrier. The closed-cell foam structure offers excellent water-vapor transmission properties, which reduce the need for additional vapor retarders. Also, its thermal performance will not be impaired by punctures.


  • Ensures long-term thermal performance
  • Inhibits mold and mildew, protects IAQ
  • Withstands abuse, protects the pipe system
  • Moisture won’t wick, no additional vapor barrier required

For residential applications, Armacell’s Tubolit® pipe insulation is a practical, cost-effective solution for pipe insulation. Available in pre-slit and self-seal configurations, this polyethylene foam can be easily installed by homeowners. Available in 6-foot lengths, Tubolit requires no special tools for installation.

Consumers will find several sizes of Armaflex and Tubolit pipe insulation at Home Depot stores under the Everbilt name.

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